It’s been a great busy season. I will be doing a post of latest client work in the next few weeks.  But I wanted to wish everyone happy holidays.

My, not so little guys, in their tiki fort.



..and lastly one of my favorite things is to still find moments to create stories (rather than capture them). Warmest wishes that you all get to do a few favorite things this holiday season as well and of course be with the ones you love.

Welcoming a newborn with her first photography session.

Earlier this week I got to spend a few hours with this sweet baby girl. Little Ari is only three days old, so of course she napped through most of our time together.  I could just stare at sleeping babies forever, their total peace is very easy to envy and enjoy. That said, I did manage to get one very awake  straight on ‘super model’ pose that made me giggle.

Big Dog Ranch benefit party at Sheilds Jewelry in Palm Beach

A few days ago I had the pleasure of capturing a fun little event in Palm Beach.  Cristiana Shields the owner and creator behind  Shields Jewelry , hosted a retro chic ‘Grease’ theme party to benefit Big Dog Ranch Rescue, who by the way, also have ‘small’ sweet small dogs up for adoption too.

Shields Jewelry is not your typical jewelry, each piece in the store  are ‘one of a kind’ and hand made . They even come with a story about how the piece was inspired and individual names. Cristiana is not your typical store owner as well, she’s an energetic fun personality that you can’t help but like instantly. Her dog Lucy was assisting her with the evenings events too.

 Also with instant appeal are the dogs who were in need of adoption from big dog ranch rescue, if I hadn’t just adopted a second dog a few months ago I would have brought the chocolate brown lab mix named ‘Diva’ home that night . All four of my past and present dogs were rescued from shelters and became healthy, happy, totally spoiled family members.  I admire all the shelter volunteers and foster owners who helped with the event and truly cared for these dogs. At the end of the party, the dogs from the shelter , fosters and even some guest took part in a fun dog fashion show with Shields Jewelry new pet line collection.

Other people who help with this event were Johnny Ray, Elvis impersonator, who took a photo with everyone -including the dogs. Members of the Salvagerz car club, who helped the events visibility by parked three vintage cars in front of the Paramount. The  Fuku Restaurant co-hosted the event by supplying  fresh (and quite yummy) sushi and drinks for guests.


New to South Florida!

This family, like myself, has moved from MA to Fl. Although I know they must still be missing friends and family, they seem to be doing quite well on this new adventure. I hope they enjoy their first season of ice-less-ness (yes, I’m making words up).

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to you both!  I can’t belive it’s been ten years since I  photographed your wedding.  It’s been my pleasure to watch your family grow, thank you!